Who we are:

Lowell Educational Television, Channel 22 is the media communications facility owned and operated by the Lowell School Department. LET 22 services the entire Lowell Public School System and the City of Lowell. It is responsible for the administration of Cable Channel 22, which creates television programming of local interest and provides educational programming through satellite feed. In addition, LET 22 provides media production training to students, teachers and staff while serving as an advisory resource on various media-related technologies for the School Department.

The Lowell Public Schools is a major funding source for LET. In addition, some funding is provided by the the City of Lowell’s contractual agreement with Comcast Cable.  The center of its operations is the Colleen Creegan Television Studio that is housed in the George D Kouloheras Library Media Wing of Lowell High School.

Our Mission:

Lowell Educational Television has as at its core the belief that media related technologies are remarkable tools for artistic and creative learning. The Lowell Public Schools’ focus on 21st century skills  includes the audio, video and web technologies that our students will use daily in their adult lives.

LET 22 also invites all of Lowell’s professional educators to draw on our resources to discover that Media Literacy-harnessing the power and energy of what is best in communications technology-is a vital and important study for our students. We believe that through carefully considered direction and understanding, the technologies we have access to can be an invaluable ally in reaching out to and teaching the diverse elements of our community and its young people.

Finally, LET 22 is dedicated to producing thoughtful, informative and entertaining programs for the cable television audience here in the City of Lowell as well as now making these programs available world wide through the power of the Internet and burgeoning wireless technologies.